I wonder how you're suppose to give up...
Do I just decide to give up and act accordingly?
And move further and further away from what my heart really wants?
Then will I forget everything one day?
Everything including the pain in my heart?
Without a trace ...
as if nothing was there to begin with?

Previously, yamahas.
❝My darling, don’t fret. I’m here for you with all of my heart.
Will you make a blanket fort with me?
Light it up as a finishing touch … Light to compete with the stars,
I love you like no one else.
Two soldiers coming from the same
Emotional battle…
It’s a sad ending to our chapters of our past love,
We share the same scars, share the same joyful memories and lessons we were taught by our old lovers. Ah. Yet, we continue to build our own future together.
Darling, oh, my Darling,
Tonight I’ll saturate you
With all of the love I have.❞
- A Diary of a Pisces.

Really deep moment with myself right there that i dont have resentment towards exes like i always thought i was supposed to but more gratitude because people teach you so much and you’ll love them , or at least memories they could give you and im just happy things happened because every moment from before brings you to where you are now

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I’M !!!!FUCKING !!!!GAY!!!!!

Damn travis and i wont be able to go running til wednesday…,


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