I wonder how you're suppose to give up...
Do I just decide to give up and act accordingly?
And move further and further away from what my heart really wants?
Then will I forget everything one day?
Everything including the pain in my heart?
Without a trace ...
as if nothing was there to begin with?

Previously, yamahas.
❝How to seduce (some) Pisces:
Maybe it’s just me after all!
It’s so hard to convey in simple terms.
Basically, I don’t want to have someone whisper dirty things in my ear and fuck me senselessly; save that for the other signs if you so choose.
I need to be comfortable with you. I want our bond to be tight.
I want you to be able to show me your emotions.
You can cry, I won’t make you feel weak.
I want someone strong to overpower me, protect me, love me.
Strength does not always come in physical form. If you try to impress me by saying you can do 100 pushups, it’ll never work.
Your mental strength and your intimacy with me, that’s what really counts. I want to give myself to someone I am willing to be with and who is willing to be with me.
But I yearn sensitivity.
I want foreplay.
Touching, but most importantly cuddling.
I want to bring my sweetheart into a tight grasp and let my hands glide across their body and nuzzle into all crevices available to me.
I want to feel captivated by your touch as I am naturally one who ‘feels’, I want to feel a loving touch.
Before seducing me, I need to feel warm, comfortable, and enchanted by you.
I need reassurance that you won’t walk out when we finish.
I want it so that when our bodies touch I do not sense lust but love as my body was created to be loved.
My type of seduction takes work because I feel like my body deserves what is best.❞
- The Diary of a Pisces.
❝It’s dangerous to get a Pisces angry.
Call us lazy, don’t give us enough attention over time or making us feel unwanted,
Disrespect our choices, make us feel stupid, put us under unnecessary pressure,
Act arrogant and rude, continue to push us when our emotions stir, whatever it may be,
It’s dangerous.
When we get angry, the oceans get rough.
We can lash out at you viciously with all our emotions or we can give you the silent treatment.
A silent treatment for days.
Or we may not tell you at all and just fume.
After that anger, it takes a while for you to gain our trust back.
We won’t be so affectionate towards you for the next several days and have the potential to be rather bitter, contradicting our usual forgivable nature.❞
- The Diary of a Pisces.
❝Tears come easily to me.
My watery eyes weep often.
My emotions are intense, hard to control.
If you dare to be my lover,
I believe you must accept that I might keep you up at night,
Sobbing over happiness, sadness, anger, confusion. I weep for my past and all the scars I’ve received from it.
I don’t need anything but someone to keep me secure during that time.
Don’t let me go.
Let me cry.
That’s all I need.❞
- The Diary of a Pisces.
❝As a Pisces, I can say that in general we care so much for those around us.
We can’t help it, it’s in our nature.
But somehow, we always get the short end of the stick.
We invest ourselves and care so much for others.
We give out so much.
But I feel like we get so little in return.
…Or so it feels.
And as a Pisces I know that in my heart, secretly,
I would love to have more than what I’m getting.
I’ll never say it out loud.❞
- The Diary of a Pisces.
❝You could stab me the hardest you could right in my gut,
And it would never hurt as much as the last several years have hurt me.
They’ve left me with more scars than I could have ever imagined.
I’m not afraid of love, nor of hate.
The Heavens have provided me with War, testing if I would ever find my value through it.
So if you plan on breaking my heart,
Been there,
Done that.
You won’t.
If you’re afraid of breaking my heart,
Been there,
Done that,
You can’t.❞
- The Diary of a Pisces.
❝Don’t say you love me
Until after you’re able to gaze at your reflection and say,
‘I love you’ wholeheartedly to yourself.
If you can’t right now, it’s okay my love.
Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.
I’ll stand by your side proudly and be there on the day
You find yourself in love with who you are.❞
- The Diary of a Pisces.
❝To me, there’s a difference between having sex and making love.
Sex is usually lustful, pleasurable and very playful. Maybe it is only performed for a specific purpose, like reproduction. Not a bad thing, it makes sense, all of those options.
Making love is one of which comes with romantic passion. Your partner kissing every inch of your skin, despite any imperfections it may hold. Trailing their fingers across your naked body and pressing your hair back as they steal a kiss from your lips, they want to show you unconditional love in a very physical manner, very seriously.❞
- The Diary of a Pisces.
❝The most important thing is that I tried.
And you did too.
Don’t beat yourself up over it,
just ‘cause it didn’t go the way you hoped for!
Tomorrow’s always on the horizon,
Promise me no matter what,
You will always look forward and try your hardest,
Because I will too.❞
- The Diary of a Pisces


Stays Four the Same | The Ready Set

I Would Do Anything For You - Foster the People
All those times I was hoping for something
And shaking my head from all I have done
But you never left me